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Writing by the Window

 Student Resilience Matters
(The SRM Project)

Understanding resilience in students of allied health (OT, Physio, Speech Pathology)

Research Project Overview

This research project aims to contribute to the current knowledge base on resilience of university students by specifically investigating resilience in allied health students. The role of spirituality, as well as other variables such as previous exposure to adversity, point of time in course and other selected demographic characteristics as predictors of resilience will be examined. Please note that this research does not view spirituality as a religious concept; rather it is a multidimensional construct involving our connectedness with others, with nature, and how we make meaning out of our lives. It is anticipated that these findings will contribute to foundation knowledge to inform the future design of university-based resilience interventions for allied health professional students.

Research Team 
Please contact us with any questions about the research project or feedback on this information site.  No contact details are retained by using this feedback section.

Desley Simpson (Chief Investigator):

Dr Maria O’Reilly (Principal Supervisor):

Dr Lauren Miller-Lewis (Associate Supervisor):

University Dr, Branyan QLD 4670, Australia

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